picture of Susan Hansen

Susan Hansen

Global Strategist - F&A Supply Chains

As the Global Strategist for F&A Supply Chains, Susan Hansen is responsible for developing RaboResearch's global food & agribusiness research portfolio relating to food packaging and food logistics.

In addition to supply chain topics, Susan is very knowledgeable on the F&A sector in general and also possesses in-depth knowledge of a number of specific sectors, such as soft commodities and potatoes. Her expertise also includes renewable energy, in particular biofuels and wind energy. 

Susan recently gained financial expertise as a credit analyst; she was working on complex international transactions in various fields, including acquisition finance, asset-based financing, export finance as well as trade & commodity finance. Prior to that she was also a member of RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness—until March 2012, Susan worked as head of the global Clean Tech Research team, which she set up and managed. She joined Rabobank in November 2002 as a Senior Associate covering the oilseed and biofuel sectors for RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness.