What are cookies?

Cookies are small, simple alphanumeric pieces of texts that we place on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you open a website. These cookies save information about your current website session. The next time you open the page on the same device, the cookies enable us to remember you.

What do we use cookies for?

Minimum cookies


Some cookies are required to use the primary functions of the website, for example, to remember language preferences, but also to prevent the website from becoming overloaded. We do not need your permission to set or read these cookies. These cookies are always used. We also use cookies to determine how frequently the website is accessed and which parts of the website receive the most traffic. This information is only used to improve the website and will not be collected to create personal profiles. We do not need your permission to use or read these cookies.

Optimum cookies


Third parties use these cookies in order to show relevant advertisements (also on external websites) and to improve communication on the basis of your profile. These cookies enable third parties to analyse your browsing activity and to collect personal data, such as your IP address and the websites you access. Third parties (like Google) can also perform an analysis or show a video that uses cookies. We need your consent to use these types of cookies and in order to show Youtube videos. Even if you decide not to accept these cookies you can still use the website.

Minimum cookies


Cookie name


Expiration period

Names of cookies starting with 'BIGipServer' are used to direct traffic throughout the various Rabobank computer systems. We delete the cookies after the client logs out.

Expires after session


This cookie is used to register the user’s session.

Expires after session


This cookie is used to test the functionality of setting cookies.

6 months


This cookie is used to remember the user’s language preference.

3 months


This cookie is used to remember the user’s cookie preferences. This cookie is created as soon as a user accepts cookies on the website or if the user adjusts their cookie settings.

6 months


The_pw_id cookie allows us to track the internet behaviour of an anonymous user. By using an ID we can link the different requests.

1 year and 1 month


This cookie is used to distinguish unique website sessions for the purpose of usage statistics.

30 minutes after an update

Optimum cookies (YouTube)


Cookie name



Names of cookies that start with __utm and _ga originate from Google Analytics and are used to collect information about usage statistics.


These advertising cookies are stored in Google DoubleClick and are used to personalise advertisements shown to users based on previous visits to our website.


Google uses these cookies, based on recent searches and interactions, to customise ads on Google websites.


These cookies link your activity across devices on which you have previously signed in to your Google account. This is done to coordinate the ads shown to you on different devices and to measure conversion events.


Cookies HSID, SSID, APISID en SAPISID ensure that Google can collect user information for videos hosted by YouTube. 

PREF cookie

An embedded YouTube video collects visitor information and custom preferences.

Optimum cookies (SoundCloud)

Cookie name



This SoundCloud cookie is used for saving preferences and settings.


This cookie makes your IP address available to third parties to track your activities across the internet.


This cookie makes your IP address available to third parties to track your activities across the internet with the goal of showing relevant banners.


This SoundCloud cookie is used to recognise anonymous sessions.

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