Building a Future-Fit, Sustainable Indian Poultry Business: More Opportunities Than Threats in the Next Five Years

The Indian poultry industry is in transition to a more integrated and consolidated structure, so integrators are expected to gain strength in this shift from informal to formal markets. Consumers’ growing awareness of quality will create opportunities for direct engagement through value-added poultry products, and opportunities in processed chicken will spur investments in processing, branding, and retail distribution.

Report summary

Feed availability and price volatility are expected to keep challenging the poultry industry, triggering companies to diversify feed sources and to invest in feed manufacturing.

Though not immediate, the threat posed by the dumping of cheaper imported poultry (e.g. leg quarters) will play on the industry’s mind, encouraging companies to prepare for this eventuality.

“Organic expansion will remain the key growth driver. However, emerging business models like direct-to-consumer platforms, will increasingly attract investors,” according to Shiva Mudgil, Analyst - Animal Protein.