Dairy Calves Get a Beef Makeover: Beef on Dairy Is a Win for Both Beef and Dairy

Technology advancements and economic necessity have changed breeding practices on dairies, creating calves that are fully functional in the beef industry. This development can be a win-win situation once beef and dairy producers bridge the economic, business, and cultural gaps between the two industries, according to the Rabobank report, ‘Dairy Calves Get a Beef Makeover.’

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Report summary

The practice provides dairies with an additional income stream, and using genetic selection enables dairies to be much more efficient in developing desired herd replacements. Moreover, beef-on-dairy crosses are creating high-quality carcasses with the improved muscle conformation desired by processors.

“Careful management and experience are driving success, and performance is starting to explode, as the industry improves its understanding of the best genetic matches and how to manage and feed beef-on-dairy calves,” according to Don Close, senior animal protein analyst. “But, the relationships between buyers and sellers will be crucial.”