Animal Protein Sector Team

Global Strategist

  • Justin Sherrard

    Global Strategist - Animal Protein

    As Global Strategist Animal Protein, Justin Sherrard is responsible for the timely and agenda-setting analysis of issues of strategic importance to animal protein companies around the world.

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  • Chenjun Pan

    Senior Analyst - Animal Protein

    Chenjun Pan is focusing on researching agricultural sectors in China. She is recognized within the industry as an expert in animal protein, animal feed, food retailing, seafood, organic food and agricultural policy.

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  • Ben Santoso

    Senior Analyst - Animal Protein

    Ben is a senior animal protein analyst working out of Singapore.

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Australia & New Zealand

  • Angus Gidley-Baird

    Senior Analyst - Animal Protein

    Angus is a Senior Analyst in Sydney, Australia, responsible for research and analysis of the local and global animal protein sectors. In his role, Angus provides regular market updates on beef, sheepmeat, pork, poultry, and seafood markets. Angus is a regular public speaker at farmer and industry events and also produces podcasts for the RaboResearch Australia/New Zealand team.

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  • Blake Holgate

    Analyst - Animal Protein, Sustainability

    Blake Holgate is responsible for covering animal protein and sustainability in New Zealand.

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  • Dennis Voznesenski

    Analyst - Grains & Oilseeds, Animal Protein

    Based in Sydney, Australia, Dennis focuses on data and modeling for both the grain & oilseed and animal protein teams, helping to unlock timely, actionable insights in the sectors.

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Europe & Africa

  • Beyhan de Jong

    Analyst – Animal Protein

    Beyhan is working out of Utrecht as an associate analyst focusing on seafood and alternative proteins. For seafood, Beyhan covers aquaculture, wild catch, and trade. When it comes to alternative proteins, she researches both innovative proteins for human consumption and for use in aquafeed.

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  • Nan-Dirk Mulder

    Senior Analyst - Animal Protein

    Nan-Dirk Mulder is a senior analyst animal protein, and covers the industry from an international perspective. He is based in Rabobank’s headquarter in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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  • Gorjan Nikolik

    Senior Analyst - Seafood

    Since joining Rabobank in 2005, Gorjan Nikolik has been a Senior Analyst focusing on the global seafood sector including aquaculture, wild-catch, seafood trade and processing.

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  • Matz Beuchel

    Data Analyst — Animal Protein

    Matz is a Data Analyst in the global RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness team. He is located in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and is focussing on the Animal Protein sector.

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North America

  • Don Close

    Senior Analyst - Animal Protein

    Don Close is a senior RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness analyst, responsible for analysing all animal protein sectors, although he specialises in beef.

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  • Christine McCracken

    Senior Analyst – Animal Protein

    Christine is conducting animal protein research for North America.

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  • Andrick Payen


    Andrick covers key sectors in Mexican agribusiness such as animal protein, sugar and oilseeds. Having a strong quantitative background, he supports RaboResearch's efforts on developing proprietary research and analytical tools.

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South America

  • Wagner Yanaguizawa

    Analyst - Animal Protein

    Based in São Paulo, Wagner works as an Analyst with RaboResearch’s global Animal Protein team, focusing on the beef and dairy cattle markets.

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