Video: GAA / Rabobank 2020 Global Aquaculture Survey

The global aquaculture industry is the world’s fastest-growing animal protein industry – and it has been for the last three decades. Every year, the GAA (Global Aquaculture Alliance) conducts a survey of experts to forecast the production of this year’s and next year’s supply expectations. The survey is split into two parts: one focuses on the key producers of shrimp and another on all of the main fin-fish species. The survey is presented at the GOAL conference, one of the aquaculture industry’s key conferences. Due to Covid-19, this year, the conference had to be held virtually online.

RaboResearch assisted the GAA to collect, analyse, and present the survey results. A key highlight of the survey is that, in 2020, the shrimp aquaculture industry will experience its first-ever contraction induced by lower demand, a consequence of Covid-19 closures in foodservice. However, a strong rebound for shrimp farming is expected in 2021. In the case of fin-fish, there is a mix of dynamics, but overall, there will still be growth in both 2020 and 2021 – although there is a notable slowdown in 2020, due to challenging market conditions.