The Future of CBD in Food & Beverage

Consumer interest in cannabidiol (CBD) has exploded over the past two years. Despite warnings from regulators, CBD-infused products – anything from lotions and tinctures to gummies and seltzer water – are penetrating new markets at an astounding pace. Will CBD become a consumer staple, or will it become another has-been cure-all in the supplement aisle?

Report summary

“In this report, we lay down a framework for what is driving demand for CBD and present alternative theories for how the market could develop over the next five to ten years,” says Bourcard Nesin, Beverages Analyst with Rabobank. “Finally, we break down what all this could mean for food & beverage companies and brand building in the CBD space.”

We are likely approaching peak hype around CBD. Once farmers, investors, brand owners, and consumers start to readjust expectations from their current stratospheric status, it will be much easier to size-up the long-term opportunity that CBD-infused products represent.