Infographic: Banking for Coffee

Today’s coffee industry is extremely dynamic. Costs and margins are fluctuating due to rapidly changing consumer demand for quality coffee and due to the supply side limitations in production—accessibility, quality, and sustainability. As an active participant in the coffee value chain, Rabobank links all players together by providing financial solutions, exclusive sector knowledge and extensive networks.

Rabobank is committed to all links in the coffee value chain, from production and trading, to roasting and retailing. On the production front, Rabobank is able to reach 167 farmer groups or over 400,000 farmers, providing them with technical assistance and the financing needed to scale up. Rabobank also maintains a relationship with all major coffee trade houses, allowing us to link farm groups with reliable offtakers. This, in turn, helps create greater availability of specialty and sustainably grown coffee—an area of booming consumer demand. 

Coffee consumption has increasingly been redefined, taking on an increasingly important social function and reflecting consumers’ deeply felt values. Consumers, especially young consumers, now drink less, but better quality, coffee. Their interest is not only in the coffee itself, but also how and where the coffee is grown, brewed, and served, which combined make up the unique coffee experience for consumers. Ultimately, these changes are being felt upstream and are impacting the kind of coffee roasted, traded, and grown. With extensive knowledge of the coffee sector on both the supply and demand side, Rabobank connects the various players and is your best financial partner in the coffee value chain.

  • Xinnan Li

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