Global Orange Juice Market Outlook 2018/2019

Given our current outlook, higher orange juice prices seem likely in 2018/19.

Report summary

Buyers breathed a sigh of relief with the confirmation of a large crop in Brazil during 2017/18, and FCOJ prices subsequently declined from the highs seen in 2016/17. However, that calmness has now vanished for two main reasons. First, the impact from Hurricane Irma in Florida will cause the state to produce the smallest orange harvest in over 70 years, with another small harvest likely to follow in 2018/19. Second, early signs point to a smaller harvest in São Paulo in 2018/19, due to significant dryness in September and October of 2017 which caused fruitlets to drop in sizeable numbers. While demand will continue declining both this year and next year, at around 4 percent in volume, the market will tighten again by the end of 2018/19 and approach record-low stock levels. Higher prices seem likely in 2018/19, given our current outlook.