New Costs, New Packaging: Part 4 – Improving Recycling To Bring Every Bottle Back

With rising input costs and growing sustainability concerns, beverage companies have a Hobson’s choice: They must invest in innovative packaging or improve recyclability and recycling systems. While adopting alternative packaging requires strategic focus, improving recyclability can offer both immediate and long-term benefits.

In Part 4 of our series on inflation and rethinking beverage packaging, we explore the impact that sustainability demands will have on recycling and the beverage packaging mix. Minor changes in package design can lower greenhouse gas emissions and, in turn, are becoming an easy target for legislation. Further, there is a policy shift toward packaging with a lower carbon footprint, and a circular system can lower emissions relatively quickly and efficiently. Finally, for beverage companies committed to achieving net-zero emissions targets, improving the recycling ecosystem must be part of the transition roadmap.