Podcast: How Are Beverages Performing Around the Globe?

To show off the global reach of the RaboResearch Beverages team, Steve and Bourcard sit down with analysts across four different continents, collecting stories about the economy and how it is affecting beverage brands around the world.

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Episode breakdown:

1:23 - Jim Watson on the latest US beverage pricing data and why some brands are outperforming the competition.

18:21 - Andres Padilla & Guilherme Morya on the Brazilian economy and how it is impacting the local coffee market.

31:31 - Sudip Sinha on how beverage brands are navigating the economy in markets across Asia.

40:53 - Francois Sonneville on the European economy and the on-premise in the UK.

48:57 - Maria Castroviejo & Bourcard Nesin on the outlook for e-commerce sales in Europe and the US.

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  • Stephen Rannekleiv

    Global Strategist – Beverages
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  • Bourcard Nesin

    Analyst – Beverages
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  • Jim Watson

    Senior Analyst - Beverages
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  • Andrés Padilla

    Senior Analyst - Beverages, Dairy,Packaging & Logistics
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  • Guilherme Morya

    Analyst - Beverages
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  • Sudip Sinha

    Senior Analyst - Beverages
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  • Francois Sonneville

    Senior Analyst - Beverages
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  • Maria Castroviejo

    Senior Analyst - Consumer Foods
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