Too Soon To Call: The Evaluation of ‘Megabrew’ Hinges on African Beer Growth

The first five years after ‘Megabrew’ have arguably not delivered what was hoped for in African beer, but the long-term prospects remain attractive.

Report summary

The starting positions of Africa and China are similar. The development of China over the past 30 years, from minor player to global powerhouse, has shown the potential of emerging markets and can serve as a blueprint for Africa. There are, however, also differences between Africa and China. Most African countries will see high income growth, but fall short of China’s stellar development. The focus must therefore be on costs.

“Africa offers great opportunities for brewers over the next 30 years as the continent’s share of volume, value, and profit pools increases,” according to Francois Sonneville, Senior Analyst – Beverages. “However, affordability will remain an issue, and cost reductions are needed. To unlock the full potential, initial focus must be on costs and making beer affordable for the mainstream consumer. Once established, the strategic direction can shift toward value and profitability,” says Sonneville.