Will Consumers Stick With Online Grocery? The Post-Covid World of US Online Grocery Growth

In the report “Will Consumers Stick with Online Grocery?” Rabobank analyzes the long-term impacts of Covid-19 on the penetration of online grocery, offering critical context to retailers and brand owners as they contemplate how to invest in the future of their business.

“We built a simple model to project quarterly online grocery sales in the US through 2021. While our model suggests that a wide range of outcomes are possible, we feel the direct, long-term impact of the pandemic on US online grocery sales will be fairly modest, with the most likely scenario leading to a 12- to 18-month acceleration in online grocery penetration compared to a scenario in which the pandemic never occurred,” according to Bourcard Nesin, analyst – beverages.

“Even if the growth from Covid-19 is short-lived, we believe the recent increase in focus and investment in e-commerce is justified. While there are exceptions, many food & beverage companies have stalled e-commerce investments for so long that there is little risk of an over-adjustment.”