Wine Quarterly Q1 2022: Five Factors Wineries Must Monitor in 2022

The latest Wine Quarterly looks toward the US wine market in 2022 and outlines the competitive outlook for the industry, including the challenges and opportunities that will shape demand for wine.

Report summary

Sorting Through Mixed Signals:
Two of the most reliable sources for wine market data, SipSource and bw166, seem to be telling different stories about the industry’s growth in 2021. One source (bw166) reports that wine shipments in the US market rose 4.6% in 2021, while the other (SipSource) reports a 6.2% decrease – a difference of nearly 11%. Can they both be right? We explain why.

The Five C’s to Watch in 2022 and Beyond: As we look toward the US wine market in 2022 and beyond, we see a number of challenges and opportunities that we expect will shape demand for wine, as well as the competitive outlook for the industry. Along these lines, we have identified five factors for the industry to watch in the coming months and years – what we call ‘The Five C’s’: Covid, Consumers, Channels, (Supply) Chains, and Competitors.

Is Wine Squandering Its E-commerce Advantage? In his new quarterly column, Beverages Analyst Bourcard Nesin explores just how big and important the e-commerce channel has become for wine brands. Wine accounts for less than 25% of off-premise, brick-and-mortar alcohol sales in the US, but capture more than 60% of online alcohol sales. E-commerce, however, isn’t only driving topline sales, but represents wine brands’ most powerful advantage over beer and spirits as they compete to convert wealthy millennials into life-long customers.

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