Wine Quarterly Q3 2020: Covid-19 and the US Premium Wine Market, Part II: Building an E-Commerce Team 101

Before the current crisis, most decision-makers in the wine industry – and the beverage alcohol industry more generally – failed to proactively invest in their digital capabilities. Then came Covid-19.

Report summary

“Numerous wine industry executives have reached the conclusion that the recovery of the on-premise channel in the US will take years and agree with our conclusion that investing in e-commerce is becoming increasingly important,” according to Bourcard Nesin, Beverages Analyst. In Part II of Rabobank’s coverage on Covid-19 and the US premium wine market, we explore the myriad of pragmatic questions industry executives face when investing in e-commerce.

The Covid-19 crisis has also slowed the pace of wine consumption in most major markets. This is weighing on demand for wine imports, and with a few exceptions, most major exporters have seen notable declines in exports during the first quarter of 2020. For some, the pain may get worse before it gets better.