Podcast: The Future of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables after Covid-19 – Coronavirus Update Part 6

Fresh fruits and vegetables were performing well in foodservice up until the Covid-19 crisis. However, the Covid-19 crisis and the subsequent closure of a lot of restaurants led to demand crashing for some products, whereas other products sold really well. But even in that period, “weather was more important than Covid.” This is a quote by Cindy van Rijswick, Rabobank’s resident fruit and vegetable expert. Cyrille Filott and Maria Castroviejo interview Cindy about the past but also about structural changes in the imminent future. Many of the themes that were discussed in previous editions of the podcast series reappear in this episode, tied to fruits and vegetables.

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  • Cyrille Filott

    Global Strategist - Consumer Foods
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  • Maria Castroviejo

    Senior Analyst - Beverages
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  • Cindy van Rijswick

    Senior Analyst - Fruit, Vegetables, Floriculture
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