Talking Points: We Didn't See That Coming

In this month’s Talking Points, we share the smorgasbord of responses we received from over 200 food industry players in our annual ‘We Didn’t See That Coming’ survey of food trends.

In this January 2019 edition of Talking Points, we discuss the following topics:

1. Everything changes – food is no longer the sleepy 'safe bet' category that it once was. The accelerated pace of change theme plays out throughout this note.

2. The Future is Flexitarian – The breakneck advancement of plant-based food and beverages was easily the biggest surprise to our readership and the numbers seems to back this up.

3. Food Loves Tech, Sometimes – While many recognized that consumers have been rejecting science more and more over the past decade, there was growing appreciation of the role of technology in many aspects of food and agricultural production.

4. Campbell’s Implosion and the Ongoing Misfortunes of Big Food – The unending public spectacle that is Big Food continues to surprise and elicit little sympathy among the readership.

5. The “Wild West” of CBD – The “explosion of interest” in cannabidiol as something of surprise.

6. Nothing surprises me anymore – The biggest surprise perhaps is that we did not have any truly big surprise

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Talking Points: We Didn't See That Coming