Talking Points – We Didn’t See That Coming: The Biggest Surprise of 2019

In this edition we reveal the main surprise from our annual We Didn’t See That Coming readership survey (we’ll cover the others next time), which can be summed up as the ‘the rapid growth and consumer acceptance of alternative proteins’.

picture of plant-based burgers on grill

In this report:

1. The Hype-P-O of Beyond Meat. “Of course,” wrote one, echoing the responses of many, “the big surprise was the IPO of Beyond Meat and the hype associated with this.”

2. “Burger King? WOW!” Who could not be surprised that mainstream fast-food restaurants would be in the vanguard of the plant-forward trend?

3. Not for me. Many of the criticisms of this plant-forward movement struck a chord with a group of our readers.

4. ‘The advancing reality’ of cultivated meat. As one reader noted, “start-ups are on the edge of success and moving forward.”

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Talking Points January 2020