Talking Points – The Global Farmers Master Class

In this edition of Talking Points, we report back from Rabobank’s Global Farmers Master Class in Brazil, where the influence of the consumer loomed large. The biggest takeaway by far was the similarity of concerns expressed by these farmers with those of other players in the food system, from global agri-food processors to Big Food companies.

These included:

1. The “greatest challenge – the disconnect between farm and fork.” Everyone senses the gap is widening between food producers and the general public, but what can be done?

2. The search to add value. A question as old as the hills: “How can I make what I grow more valuable?”

3. The shift toward plant-based foods. Plant-based food is causing waves at the farmgate too. To date, the threats presented by this fast-growing market seem more pressing than realizing the potential opportunities.

In short, farmer’s lives are becoming more complex, and we are asking to them to juggle a lot of balls: feed the world, preserve the land, stay competitive, be profitable, oh and keep the consumer happy too.

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Talking Points: The Global Farmers Master Class