Talking Points: 'Opportunities Abound' - Part One

We start the year by sharing more results from our industry survey. In December’s edition we discussed The Big Surprises in 2017, but here we begin to focus on the answers to the second question, “What food innovation do you think presents the biggest commercial opportunity over the next five years?” We received over 200 responses from industry rock stars on a broad range of topics; as one noted, “there is a lot going on in food innovation.”

To reflect the diversity of themes we’ve split it into two parts. Here, in part one, we cover the following themes:

  1. It’s not a product – “The revolution is everywhere”
  2. Clean meat – “The wheels are in motion”
  3. Food & health – “A huge mass market waits to be unlocked”
  4. Select quotes – “An innovator’s market for sure”