Bakery Producers Are Looking for Success Online

When thinking online retail, bakery products are probably not the first thing that springs to mind. But fresh products are often among the top-selling categories online. The growing importance of online grocery presents the Western European bakery sector with both challenges and opportunities.

The power of bakery products

As bakery products are commonly included in the average grocery trip, they are an important category for every food retailer, helping the retailer to distinguish themselves and build customer loyalty. And although consumers still prefer offline channels for the fresher bakery products at the moment, much is about to change.

All eyes on bakery producers

For the last two decades, artisanal bakers have steadily been losing their share to modern retailers. And with those modern retailers going online, it’s up to bakery producers to ensure their product is successful in that channel. In order to do so, producers need to rethink assortments as well as marketing and supply chain strategies (see figure).

A sit-and-wait approach may eventually result in a loss of market share and a hard-to-bridge gap with groups that embrace the new channel. Read more about why it’s time for action in our Industry Note ‘Online Bakery: Browsing for Bread—Bakery Producers Look for Success in the Online Channel’.