Don’t Panic! We're Still Eating Burgers

Freshness, quality and transparency are the new buzzwords in US consumers’ demands on food providers. Value and convenience are still desired. But more than ever, the focus is on freshness and quality ingredients. Consumers want fast food they can trust.

picture of hamburger and fries

The increasing rates of obesity and obesity-related diseases in the US, and the educational and preventive campaigns launched in order to combat them, have increased public awareness of the health consequences of poor diets. The coming of age of the millennials has also resulted in seismic shifts in consumer tastes and preferences. They are more health-conscious and more concerned with the where the food comes from than previous generations.

A new generation of quick-service restaurants (QSRs) has evolved which has been very successful in catering to the changing consumer preferences. Meanwhile, some of the traditional QSR restaurants are struggling to find their place. Rabobank expects the demand for fast food to continue to be strong and provides four recommendations for companies to re-engage with their consumers. 

Be yourself—the best version of yourself

The new health paradigm is more about ‘authentic’ food than it is about dieting. Restaurants should focus on the aspects of their brand that resonate with today’s consumers: be the best version of yourself.

Keep the spark

Retain the customer’s excitement, and engage younger audiences through innovation and customisation options. But keep operations simple.

Technology is your business partner

Technology can help improve service speed and accuracy, while fostering consumer loyalty.

Take control of the conversation

Consumers expect information on their food and production processes. Connect with your customers and engage in dialogue through targeted multi-channel interventions. 

Read the full details on the four recommendations in the Rabobank report ‘Don’t Panic! We are still eating burgers: How Quick-Service Restaurants can Re-Engage with Today’s Consumers’.