Podcast: Agri commodities – Increased supply meets weak demand

Every year the Consumer Foods-to-Go podcast provides an outlook for agri commodity prices, and this year is no different. Maria Castroviejo and Cyrille Filott interview Carlos Mera, Rabobank’s Head of Agri Commodity Markets Research, to discuss the outlook for key crops in 2024. Overall, the outlook is for slightly lower prices, but not for all commodities. Tune in as they discuss the main drivers, such as energy prices, highlight key commodities, and drop a small bombshell that's sure to be of interest!

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  • Cyrille Filott

    Global Strategist - Consumer Foods, Packaging & Logistics
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  • Maria Castroviejo

    Senior Analyst - Consumer Foods
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  • Carlos Mera

    Head of Agri Commodities Markets
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