Podcast: Consumer Foods-to-Go Goes Upstream – Regenerative Agriculture Explained

Regenerative agriculture is a holistic approach to improving farming practices. Many downstream food companies are talking about encouraging regenerative agriculture practices at the farm level. They do this for various reasons: to achieve emissions reduction goals, to provide better food in general, and to stay within planetary boundaries. In this podcast, Maria Castroviejo and Cyrille Filott interview Rabobank experts Elizabeth Lunik and Cindy van Rijswick on this topic. Listen to their discussion about definitions, targets, what regenerative agriculture is, and what it is not.

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  • Cyrille Filott

    Global Strategist - Consumer Foods, Packaging & Logistics
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  • Maria Castroviejo

    Senior Analyst - Consumer Foods
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  • Elizabeth Lunik

    Senior F&A Climate analyst
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  • Cindy van Rijswick

    Global Strategist – Fresh Produce, Farm Inputs
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