Podcast: Post-Coronavirus Musings Part I – Artificial Intelligence and Food

Artificial intelligence and food – a very interesting combination! In recent episodes of the Consumer Foods-to-Go podcast series, Maria Castroviejo and Cyrille Filott discussed the current impact of the coronavirus on food businesses. One of the recurring themes was the potential acceleration of digitization in food. In this episode of the series, Maria and Cyrille explore the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in food production and sales.

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AI can be used for planning purposes, for reducing waste in production, and many other applications. As Maria and Cyrille are no experts on the matter, Paul Staples and Stephen Kinns from the startup CatsAi explain what AI is, why it may have failed in some cases during the disruption at the start of the 'corona crisis,' and what AI could bring to food production in the future.

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