Podcast: The Economics of Food Delivery

During the current pandemic, ordering food for consumption at home has taken off beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. However, the delivery platforms through which consumers order food (still) do not make money. In this episode of Consumer Foods-to-Go, Maria Castroviejo and Cyrille Filott question Marjolein Hanssen on how the economics of these platforms work and what she expects platforms to do in the next few years in terms of scale, IT, and data monetization.

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Click here to read the full report: "Why Food Delivery Platforms Don't Make Money (Yet): On the Economics of Platforms"

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  • Cyrille Filott

    Global Strategist - Consumer Foods
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  • Maria Castroviejo

    Senior Analyst - Consumer Foods
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  • Marjolein Hanssen

    Analyst – Consumer Foods
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