Rabobank to Go: Foodservice 2019 – Global Outlook

In this edition of Rabobank to Go, Rabobank’s regular foodservice publication, the Consumer Foods team present the annual outlook for 2019.

picture of empty restaurant

Report summary

"Foodservice sales are expected to continue to grow, although some tempering is expected due to macroeconomic uncertainties across most geographies", according to Senior Analyst – Consumer Foods Paula Savanti. 

Some key regional takeaways: 

United States – The restaurant industry in the US had a strong performance in 2018, on the back of a positive consumer environment. Positive momentum will continue in 2019, but with risks on the horizon. 

Europe – Growth in Europe remains steady, albeit it at a gradually slower pace. Spain will accelerate. Fast food is the industry’s pacemaker, and diversification will accelerate growth. 

China – Growth in foodservice sales will continue, although at a lower rate than previous years. Digital and delivery will be the growth accelerators in 2019. 

India – Socioeconomic drivers will keep foodservice growth in India up. 

South-East Asia – 2019 foodservice sales growth will remain at levels similar to 2018.