Rabobank To Go: U.S. Restaurants—Turning Tables

Restaurant chains in the U.S. continue to face a challenging environment with same store sales still tracking in negative territory. However, not all concepts are performing equally—fast casual concepts are struggling while QSRs show relative strength.

Report summary

According to Rabobank’s Burger Index, food costs saw some increases over the summer months but are expected to remain subdued for the remainder of the year.

The consumption of alternative (or plant-based) proteins is on the rise as more consumers try to reduce their meat intake. Restaurants are jumping on board, adding novel non-meat options to their menus.  

As new legislation and increased public awareness focus on reducing food waste, foodservice looks to redirect their leftovers to charities or to composting. The tech world can offer solutions to help reduce food waste at the source, using inventory and waste management apps.