Talking Points: Annual Readership Survey: Part Two – What Hasn't Changed?

Last month, we presented Part One of our readership survey, and this month we turn to the second question: “In the world of food and beverages, what hasn’t changed during this crisis?” So, let’s share some of the themes on what our readership felt hasn’t changed (so far).

1. January’s (2020) To-Do List – What we were talking about then is still relevant today.

2. ‘Better for You’ vs. Indulgence – For some, the pandemic has tipped consumption toward healthier options, while others have chosen the path to greater indulgence.  

3. The Fundamentals Haven’t Changed – “We actually don’t see new developments, but a big increase in trending topics.”

4. The System Is Not Broken – A robust defense of our food system.

5. Quick-Fire Round – Quotes on a range of subjects.