May Talking Points – February Already Seems Like Ancient History

Like many of my colleagues, over the past month or so, I’ve been involved in a number of webinars with clients and the wider industry, including F&A Next. Although I feel we are still at the point of having more questions than answers on how the pandemic will play out, here are four interesting themes around technology that have come up during these public discussions that add to the debate:

1) Technology to the Rescue – From videoconferences to real-time data and e-commerce, this is technology’s time to shine, even in food.

2) February Already Seems Like Ancient History – Have our new habits already become so hardwired that we will struggle to go back to our old food routines? Surely a few things are likely to stick?

3) Shorter Supply Chains – The pandemic has led to criticism of lean and globe-spanning supply chains with calls for shorter, more locally diverse alternatives. Will automation prove to be the great enabler to get us there?

4) The Affordability Challenge – Expenditure, confidence, and employment levels have all gone south. As the recession kicks in, there will be big implications for our food choices as consumers refocus on price.