US Foodservice in the Post-Covid-19 World: Moderating Growth, Changing Landscape

The worst of Covid-19’s impact on US foodservice is behind us, as sales declines are expected to moderate – from down 50% at peak, to down 12% to 14% over the next 12 months, according to Rabobank’s report, "US Foodservice in the Post-Covid-19 World."

“We expect this recovery to continue to strengthen and sales to return to pre-Covid-19 levels by mid- to late 2022, as restaurants adapt to new social gathering norms and spending patterns,” according to Amit Sharma, senior analyst – consumer foods.

“More importantly, these changes will have a lasting impact on the US foodservice landscape and growth trajectory. Long-term growth will likely be 50 to 100 basis points below the pre-Covid outlook, with a new set of winners and losers based on their relative positioning (winners: limited-service, chains, off-premise; losers: full-service, independent, eat-in), financial strength (greater consolidation, M&A), and operational flexibility (automation, ghost kitchens, digital).”