What’s on the Menu: The Future Has Already Started

The Covid-19 crisis has brought a major acceleration to the digitalization process in the foodservice industry. We may be leaving disruption behind, but the digital road is not coming to an end, and the necessity of investing in digital transformation has only become more evident.

Report summary

Digital customer interaction has become a staple. For all formats and customer segments, selecting venues, booking a table, and ordering for take-out or delivery online have become standard actions. “Operators that haven’t set up a seamless online presence are substantially reducing their visibility. Others are confronted with compatibility issues among the various interfaces and applications in their business, and the need for a holistic approach is evident,” according to Maria Castroviejo, Senior Analyst – Consumer Foods. 

There are two key drivers behind the strategic investment plans of trend-setters: best-in-class customer interaction and efficiency enhancement. Despite major advances in recent times, not all projects are likely to be economically viable, but that hasn’t discouraged operators from investing and securing their position ahead of the herd. 

“As revenue prospects improve, investment cases will become more attractive. Operators feel the need for more comprehensive solutions, and technology providers see an opportunity to improve their position by enlarging their portfolios. Consolidation among digital technology providers has accelerated, and more will come,” says Castroviejo.