Dairy Export Boom Beckons in ASEAN-6: With a Push and a Pull

The combined import deficit of the ASEAN-6 markets is among the biggest in the world. Given the scale and attractiveness of these markets, dairy exporters need to have the right level of exposure. “While there are challenges, we remain very optimistic about the future opportunities for dairy companies in the ASEAN-6 economies,” according to Michael Harvey, Senior Analyst – Dairy.

Report summary

A growing milk deficit over the next decade in Southeast Asian markets will be a major pull factor for strategic dairy export growth. Meanwhile, rising geopolitical tensions and receding demand tailwinds in China should propel dairy companies to reassess their long-term export growth strategies.

Jostling for position continues in ASEAN-6 markets, with local champions, established exporters, and new players making measured investments. “Winning in these markets will require targeting the right investments and fine-tuning business models. For some companies, this will necessitate a sizeable shift in strategy. A large portion of the opportunity will be in protein ingredients through business-to-business platforms, requiring product mix optimization and butterfat management,” says Harvey.