Launching Rabobank's Global Dairy Podcast

In RaboResearch's latest podcast channel, Rabobank’s global dairy team shares its insights on regional and global dairy markets, along with the latest sector trends – and why they matter to your business. This channel contains exclusive content from our global dairy team, as well as dairy content from our regional channels. Subscribe to Rabobank's Global Dairy podcast now!

Exploring the World of Dairy

In this new podcast series, Dairy Strategist Mary Ledman and the RaboResearch F&A Global Dairy team discuss the latest insights on the Dairy sector, giving an expert local perspective on global industry trends. This podcast will also include episodes on the Dairy sector from our regional RaboResearch podcasts, to become your one-stop-shop to stay up to date on what's happening in your sector.

See our list of episodes below, with discussions on the Dairy market in Oceania ("Waiting for the Dust to Settle" & "Changing Dairy Market Conditions in Oceania"), the US and EU ("Dairy Industry Recovery and 2020 Second Half Projections"), China ("All Roads Lead to China"), and today's episode on the evolving landscape of one of the biggest dairy markets in the world, in "Exploring India's Changing Dairy Market". Subscribe to the Global Dairy podcast channel on your podcast app and get new episodes the moment they're released.

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