The World Wants More Liquid Carton: Milk Sales Lead to Increased Volumes in 2019-2023

Continued global growth globally of liquid carton use for fluid milk seems to be highly possible, given that liquid carton is already well positioned as a preferred packaging material in many emerging markets, where UHT milk volume sales are growing.

“As a result of changing dynamics in liquid milk and the overall juices market, Rabobank expects global liquid carton demand volume to grow at a CAGR of 1 percent between 2019 and 2023,” according to Andrés Padilla, Senior Analyst – Supply Chains. “This is a similar growth rate as that of the past ten years. We expect an increase of 6.5bn liters equivalent of new beverages to be packaged in liquid carton globally when comparing 2023 to 2019 – an additional market roughly the size of Mexico.” Liquid milk sales in emerging markets will continue to be the main source of growth, with an additional 4.5bn liters equivalent of milk packaged in cartons.