European Parliament approves packaging and packaging waste regulation

The European Parliament approved the proposal for a Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) at its plenary session on November 22, 2023. Members of the European Parliament voted in favor of a set of amendments that will further shape the requirements in the PPWR. Some changes were introduced, including some reuse and refill requirements, a ban on substances that raise potential concern in packaging, and stricter targets for packaging waste collection.

The proposed regulation is now in the hands of the European Council to define its position. Negotiations with the parliament, the council, and member states will follow. Once an agreement has been reached, the final version of the regulation will be presented to the parliament and council for approval. If accepted, implementation is expected in spring 2024.

Even with the proposed changes, the PPWR will have a significant impact on the packaging industry. It is crucial for all players in the industry to start preparing for the changes that this regulation will bring.