F&A Supply Chains Sector Team

Global Strategist

  • Susan Hansen

    Global Strategist - F&A Supply Chains

    As the Global Strategist for F&A Supply Chains, Susan Hansen is responsible for developing RaboResearch's global food & agribusiness research portfolio relating to food packaging and food logistics.

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  • Stacie Wan

    Analyst – Supply Chains and Beverages

    Stacie is working on supply chain and beverage research for Asia from the Rabobank Shanghai office.

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  • Shiva Mudgil

    Analyst - Dairy, F&A Supply Chains

    Within RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness, Shiva covers the dairy and F&A supply chains sectors with a focus on India.

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Europe & Africa

  • Matteo Iagatti

    Analyst - Supply Chains

    Matteo works for the F&A Supply Chains team out of Utrecht, researching the logistics sector.

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  • Natasha Valeeva

    Senior Analyst – F&A Supply Chains

    Natasha is a Utrecht-based analyst working for the F&A Supply Chain team.

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  • Shreynal Satyajit

    Analyst – F&A Supply Chains

    Shreynal is a Utrecht-based analyst focusing on plastic packaging.

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North America

  • Xinnan Li

    Analyst – F&A Supply Chains

    Within RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness, Xinnan Li focuses on F&A Supply Chain research.

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  • Richard Freundlich

    Senior Analyst – Supply Chains

    Based in New York, Richard works with the global F&A Supply Chains team, focusing on plastics.

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South America

  • Andrés Padilla

    Senior Analyst - Beverages, Dairy, F&A Supply Chains

    Andrés holds responsibility for coverage in the beverages, dairy and F&A supply chains sectors in Brazil and South America.

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