What Does Advanced Recycling Have in Store? – 10 Key Learnings of the Latest Global Trends

We have analyzed a great number of existing and announced projects from all over the globe and present the top 10 key findings of the most relevant trends in this industry and its path toward large-scale commercialization. For example, there has been an acceleration in announcements of new projects despite Covid-19, and we believe that collaboration is crucial to success in this industry. “If all of the announced projects are actually built, we could face up to 400% more installed advanced recycling capacity globally by 2025 than is available today. Europe is the hottest region, but the US is the key single country,” according to Susan Hansen, Global Strategist – F&A Supply Chains.

We expect that the outlook presented here will show the most positive scenario for the development of advanced recycling in the next five years, yet even this scenario will require a massive level of commitment and investments to be realized. It is also linked to many uncertainties like legislation, the fact that most technologies are still unproven at large scale, and the many questions related to the environmental impact of these technologies.

Daniël Poolen, Rabobank Sustainability Researcher, contributed to this publication.

  • Susan Hansen

    Global Strategist Energy Transition
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  • Shreynal Satyajit

    Analyst – F&A Supply Chains
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  • Richard Freundlich

    Senior Analyst – Supply Chains
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