Farm Inputs Sector Team

Global Strategist

  • Dirk Jan Kennes

    Global Strategist - Farm Inputs

    Dirk Jan Kennes is global strategist of the Farm Inputs team.

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Australia & New Zealand

  • Wesley Lefroy

    Analyst - Agriculture

    Wes is an Agricultural Analyst based in Sydney, working within a local and global network of analysts delivering knowledge on farm inputs (AgTech, fertilisers, etc) and the grain & oilseed sector.

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Europe & Africa

  • Stefan van Merrienboer

    Associate Analyst – Farm Inputs, Arable Farming

    Stefan van Merrienboer is working as an analyst out of Utrecht, focusing on Dutch arable farming and farm inputs.

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  • Harry Smit

    Senior Analyst - Farm Inputs

    Harry Smit works as Senior Analyst with the Farm Inputs team.

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South America

  • Matheus Almeida

    Senior analyst – Farm Inputs

    Matheus Almeida is working for RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness in São Paulo.

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RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness

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