Price Signals at Work in the Strawberry Market - Outlook 2019

Strawberry prices respond to changes in availability, suggesting the existence of a non-seasonal, year-round demand in the U.S. market. It remains increasingly relevant to find the right ‘producing region mix’ to produce and ship strawberries all year round and take advantage of attractive market windows.

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Report summary

“A supply glut during spring and summer caused below breakeven prices during several weeks in 2018,” according to David Magana – Senior Analyst. “This contributed to a reduced fall planted acreage in California, which is currently estimated to be at its lowest level in over a decade. We expect a lower availability of strawberries in the U.S. market during California’s peak season. Prices are expected to be significantly higher in 2019 during spring and summer, compared to last season, particularly during June and August.”

Rabobank’s recently-developed analytical tool can help clients along the berry value-chain with additional, unique, regional, and seasonal scenario analysis related to the strawberry market.