US Strawberry Demand Moving in the Ripe Direction

The US market has absorbed over 2 billion pounds of fresh strawberries recently. Although some consider the market to be mature, strawberry consumption has continued to grow and shows an elevated household penetration in the US. In terms of volume, strawberries will continue to be the leading item in the so-called berry patch in years to come.

Report summary

Strong consumer demand has driven an increased level of imports and has incentivized multi-year high acreage in California. As a result, strawberry availability is expected to improve in 2022, and prices will likely remain steady. However, we expect some level of uncertainty, volatility, and high input costs in the short run. In this report, we provide our updated weekly shipment and price estimates for 2022. We also discuss the longer-term trend of controlled environment agriculture and the opportunities that it may create for strawberry production in the future.