Newcomers Reshaping the US Fresh Blueberry Market: What to Expect in 2019/20 and Beyond

Fresh blueberry consumption in the US market has grown at a CAGR above 12% during the last decade. A healthy halo around this berry, combined with superb convenience and taste, has driven a fast-growing consumer demand for blueberries. According to Rabobank’s report, ‘Newcomers Reshaping the US Fresh Blueberry Market,’ estimates show that weekly blueberry shipments will increase considerably in 2019/20, especially in the shoulders of the season.

Report summary

“Attractive market prices and margins have invited more producers from diverse producing regions to the party, including growers from Peru and Mexico,” according to David Magaña, Senior Fresh Produce Analyst. “As shipments from these regions to the US market are growing exponentially, US suppliers that compete directly with the newcomers in the same market window will continue to see downward pricing pressure.”

With Rabobank’s recently developed analytical tool, we examine the berry value chain with a unique, regional, and seasonal scenario analysis of the blueberry market. While average prices will tend to be lower, business opportunities for value-added supplies and/or cost-competitive firms will continue as the market expands.