A Look Into the US Avocado Market in a Volatile Environment

Avocado consumption in the US has steadily grown over the last several years, making avocado one of the most beloved fruits in the US, according to the Rabobank report, “A Look Into the US Avocado Market in a Volatile Environment.”

Report summary

The US market will be demanding close to 3bn pounds of avocados per year in the near future. Industry players are diversifying Hass-producing regions, keeping traditional origins and expanding in producing/exporting countries, to be able to meet the expanding year-round demand for the creamy fruit. “After an extraordinary 2019 season, the outlook for 2020 and beyond is set to be equally exciting, with California production back on track, Peru continuing at a fast-growing pace, and Mexico leading the pack with steady supplies,” according to David Magaña, Senior Analyst – Fresh Produce and Tree Nuts.

In this report, we offer our weekly shipment and price estimates for the remainder of 2020 and Q1 2021, separating weekly price estimates by size. Under standard economic assumptions, we expect prices to remain steady, including some seasonal variation. Also, we discuss some potential implications from the current Covid-19 situation.