Avocado Consumption to Continue Setting Records: US Market Update 2021/22

The US market has been absorbing record avocado volumes, even during the pandemic, as consumers look for healthy and versatile options. Consumer demand for avocados, fueled by economic recovery, sustained retail sales, and increasing foodservice activity, will support prices.

Increased shipments from Peru and Mexico will offset a lighter California crop in 2021, but avocado availability in the US may be tight in some weeks later this summer when California’s and Peru’s seasons end and Mexico transitions to the new season.
Industry marketing efforts have been recognized for their innovation and will continue boosting the demand for this trendy superfood. Avocado consumption still has plenty of headroom for growth. Per capita consumption of avocados in the US, which currently stands at 9 pounds, could surpass 11 pounds in five years’ time. 
Environmental sustainability along the supply chain will become increasingly relevant to maintain or gain market access. The so-called “green gold” may soon need to go greener.