Consistent Quality Is the New Blue: A Look Into the Future of the Blueberry Market

Blueberries are among the most healthful items in the fruit space. Outstanding product attributes and increased availability are contributing to the growing popularity of this berry. Global fresh blueberry exports are likely to expand steadily during the next few years, as growing regions continue to diversify around the globe. With flattening prices and rising costs, margins have been under pressure. Companies are pushed to be more productive and more efficient and to consistently provide high-quality fruit to benefit from expanding year-round opportunities. Improved cultivars will play an increasingly significant role across growing regions.

Report summary

In this report, along with updated supply and price estimates for the US market, we provide winning strategies for the blueberry market of the future. As markets continue to diversify, new tools such as Eco-Scores and Nutri-Scores will drive demand in Europe, as this region remains the main source of demand growth.