If Life Gives You Lemons… You Will Need This Market Update

Lemon consumption has grown steadily in key markets as a result of the product’s health halo and versatility. In the next few years, expanding plantings in the southern hemisphere will translate into increased counter-seasonal exports to the US, Europe, and Asia to ensure year-round availability.

Report summary

While demand is still considered healthy, even in the presence of a fading ‘Covid effect,’ challenges abound. Margin pressures are expected for lemon growers and exporters in 2022, as machinery, fertilizer, agrochemical, labor, and transportation costs have significantly increased. Nevertheless, amid a challenging environment, opportunities still exist, particularly in the organic lemon market. In this report, we provide a market outlook for the US and European markets, including weekly price estimates for fresh lemons in the US. We also provide a production and export outlook for Argentina, Chile, and South Africa.