Plenty of Avocado Advocates Around the World: Multi-regional Market Trends

Avocados are no longer a secret that a few countries get to keep but a globally popular super fruit with plenty of consumers and advocates around the world.

Report summary

The US shows an unwavering demand for avocados and will continue to be the largest avocado importer in the world. Despite increasing annual availability, prices in the US remain strong. The strong appetite for avocados in the US will continue to be satisfied mainly by increasing imports, but the domestic industry will also benefit from the steady year-round domestic demand for the green creamy fruit.

The European avocado market has been booming for the past decade. The market is expected to enter a new phase of more diverse sourcing regions and somewhat slower (but still high) growth. Low-consumption member states are catching up, but increased promotional efforts and storytelling on the healthfulness of avocados and the sustainability efforts in producing countries are needed to sustain consumption growth.

The volume of South American avocados will continue to grow. Market diversification will be a key factor in 2022 and beyond due to the potential oversupply in the European market. Factors to consider are the cessation of imports from Russia and Ukraine and the slowdown in European consumption growth. In Chile, the consumption level of avocados will remain high, but Chilean imports will decline due to a recovery in domestic production.

  • David Magaña

    Senior Analyst – Horticulture
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  • Cindy van Rijswick

    Global Strategist – Fresh Produce, Farm Inputs
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