Setting the Table for Table Grapes

Global table grape exports reached a record level in 2020/21, as total international shipments grew slowly, but surely. Expanding demand in emerging markets represents a relevant industry opportunity.

Report summary

In 2021/22, shipments from Mexico through June were marginally down year-to-date. The California crop is expected to be similar to that of 2020, despite extreme drought conditions. Shipments from Peru will continue to expand considerably, while production in Chile will recover after a tough year. In this report, we provide estimates for weekly table grape arrivals and weekly average prices in the US market. Overall, we expect that a steady demand in the US will continue to support average prices; however, margins are challenging, primarily due to rising costs. Given the challenges around labor and water availability, investments in innovative technologies and practices will be key. The development and adoption of protected cultivars has grown rapidly in the last few seasons and will be the norm going forward. As the industry focuses on quality – to avoid the commoditization of the category – building strategic partnerships will be increasingly relevant. Consolidated high-quality table grape operations across the Americas will be more common in the future.