Table Grape Update 2023: Weather Irregularities Delay Normalization of Table Grape Exports in Some Regions

Grapes continue to be one of the main fruits traded globally. While global exports declined in the past 2022/23 season, many countries are adjusting their production in order to keep up with demand and improve efficiency in the field. Key suppliers in different regions each face their own challenges, with weather irregularities playing a major role.

Prices are rising in the main destination markets and adjustments in the supply of the main producing countries are changing the retail scenario, with a trend toward more green seedless varieties. While some markets are experiencing a slight decline in the availability of grapes, the future trend is controlled upward growth.

The variety mix of the future will be green rather than red. Proprietary varieties will continue to be important for both producers and retailers. With higher yields that translate into lower costs per kilogram, and better quality leading to stronger demand, these cultivars will be at the very front of the supply line in the coming seasons.

  • Gonzalo Salinas

    Senior Analyst – Fresh Produce
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  • David Magaña

    Senior Analyst – Horticulture
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  • Pia Piggott

    Analyst – Associate Analyst
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    Global Strategist – Fresh Produce, Farm Inputs
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