US Pistachio Industry Setting Records in a New Normal – Five-year Market Outlook

Pistachios have emerged as a new darling of the US tree nut industry, not only as a profitable option for growers, but also as a favorite snack among consumers. Pistachio-bearing acreage will continue to be the fastest growing in the California tree nut industry. In a new normal, where US pistachio crops are surpassing a billion pounds per year, factors such as enhanced cultural management practices in production and improved cultivars will likely drive lower yield variability between ‘on-years’ and ‘off-years’ going forward. The demand for pistachios has been propelled by product attributes, including a ‘better-for-you’ trend, as well as successful industry marketing efforts. While this trend will continue, the ‘better-for-us’ movement, associated with the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices, will also be increasingly relevant to drive demand in key markets. Improving input efficiency will gain relevance for producers, particularly in a supply-side inflationary environment.